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Fried Onion

Ready to use Classic Fried Onions which are crispy and golden in colour, can be utilized for cooking Pakistan/Indian or International cuisines or for garnishing. These pre-fried onions have been prepared with pure vegetable oil. Fried onions act as a crispy topping for mashed potatoes and salads.
Fried onion is an essential part of south Asia cuisine, fried onions are used in everything from Tarka in Daals, Korma, Bhajias, Fish to Biryani, Nihari, Haleem and Kebabs.


Classic Vermicelli is internationally renowned cuisine. It is a festive breakfast dessert. Due to its sweet tast and silky smooth texture taste lovers all across the world like this dish.


Classic Salt is used in cooking and it adds the flavor to any meal. Classic salt is prepared under utmost hygiene condition and carefully packed, distributed locally and exported all over the world.

Available Packaging

Vermicelli Packets 200 gms / 150 gms / 175 gms x 48
Iodized Salt 800 gms x 24 packets
Table Salt 800 gms x 24 packets
Daal Moong 200 gms x 48 packets
Karachi Mix 200 gms x 48 packets
Chilli Chips 200 gms x 48 packets